Septic Tank Conversion - FilterPod

FilterPod Septic tank conversion units are the solution for failing septic tanks

Primary Tank_Installed_Gravity

 FilterPod can be used to convert an existing 2 chamber septic tank to a sewage treatment plant. They cannot be used to convert an 'onion' or spherical septic tank as the effluent quality is too poor.

If you have an existing  traditional septic tank that is large enough and watertight, then there may be no need to install a full sewage treatment plant. You may be able to convert it.

Septic tank conversion units can be classed as two types:

  1. 'ADD-ON' conversion units that are installed after an existing septic tank, converting it to a sewage treatment plant that can discharge, legally, directly to a ditch. These must have an EN 12566-6 Certificate in order to comply with Environment Agency rules. The FilterPod has this Certificate.

  2. 'IN-TANK' conversions which are sold to fit into an existing septic tank to 'convert' it to a sewage treatment plant. These DO NOT have the mandatory EN 12566 Certificate and are not accepted by the Environment Agency under the General Binding Rules. You would need to apply for a Permit if you fit an in-tank conversion kit. A septic tank was never designed to have chambers of the right size and shape for conversion to a sewage treatment plant.

The EN 12566 tests plants for 38 weeks at an independent EN Test Centre. It monitors the performance of the plant under a variety of circumstances - normal use, underloading, overloading, etc. This test costs around £30,000 per plant and you cannot test 'in-tank' systems, as they are not consistent, i.e. septic tanks are different sizes, different shapes, etc. The 'in-tank' conversion kits that are available are cheaper than the 'add-on' plants but what use are they if the Environment Agency and Building Regulations do not accept them as a sewage treatment system?

If the septic tank is integral, i.e. does not leak water in or out, then it is possible to include it as part of a three stage sewage treatment unit by adding a FilterPod as a  septic tank conversion unit. The septic tank becomes the primary settlement tank and you add on the missing FilterPod.  The FilterPod is connected to the septic tank's outlet and the effluent that it discharges is clean enough to go directly to a ditch or watercourse.

There are distinct advantages in placing septic tanks in front of any sewage treatment unit as they intercept all slowly degradable items such as tampons, baby wipes, etc. which can cause problems in many sewage treatment systems.