Eco-Electric Waste Water Treatment Plant

The FilterPod sewage treatment plant has also been tested at the EN Test Centre using artificial ventilation.

The air is pulled through the FilterPod using a low energy 5 watt fan contained in a fan housing box. The fan box is fitted between the FilterPod and the Settlement Tank pulling air through the RDX media and blowing it back into the settlement tank.

Eco-Electric fan

The air then us

es the normal soil vent pipe on the house wall to exit the system.

Because the soil vent pipe is no longer acting as a chimney to draw the air through the FilterPod, it does not matter how far away it is from the plant.

You do not need any other vertical pipe-work other than that normally found as part of a house drainage system.

The fan uses around £5/year in electricity, which some may think is a small price to pay in order to eliminate the tall vent pipe from the FilterPod.

The FilterPod sewage treatment plant can also be run on solar PV panels, (as the electrical consumption is so low) if no electricity is available.