FilterPod Sewage Treatment Plant Performance EN12566-3 Test

FilterPod sewage treatment units - Performance - Effluent Quality

Performance of FilterPod sewage treatment units

The FilterPod sewage treatment unit has been tested to EN12566-3 2005 and the EN12566-7 2006 standard in the EU testing facility PIA in Aachen, Germany. Only sewage plants that have this standard are able to apply for the Discharge or Exemption Permit from the Environment Agency.

The FilterPod was tested all through a Northern German winter, not a summer, like another filter system. Bacteria work at their best at around 35°C, similar to a German summer, so testing through a Northern German winter where the temperature tumbles to -20°C was a very good test for performance during UK winter temperatures.

The table below summarises the results from the extensive 38 weeks independent EN testing on the FilterPod 6 sewage treatment units. Essentially the independent testing showed that the FilterPod sewage treatment unit produces a very high quality secondary effluent.

The effluent from a sewage treatment unit is measured in terms of the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), the Suspended Solids (SS) and the Ammonia (NH3). It is expressed in the form BOD:SS:NH3 and is measured in mg/L

The Royal Commission Standard for effluent quality from sewage treatment units in the UK is 20:30:20 (BOD:SS:NH3). To understand these figures, septic tank effluent is around 120 :180 :80 and distilled water is 0:0:0, so obviously, the lower the figures the better the quality of the effluent, far better than almost all aquatic systems.

When tested at The EN Test Centre, the FilterPod consistently produced an effluent quality (in mg/L) of   (BOD:SS:NH3) > 10:12:11

FilterPod sewage treatment units exceeded normal UK standards of "20BOD:30S.S.".

EN 12566-3 2005 Summary of the Latest Test Results from Aachen using a TWO CHAMBER Septic Tank as a Settlement Tank:

BOD 10mg/L

Suspended Solids 12mg/L

Ammonia 11mg/L

BEFORE you order a rival sewage treatment system, ask the manufacturer for their EN 12566-3 2005 actual test report and compare it with the FilterPod.

The FilterPod sewage treatment unit also normally achieves between 1000 to 10,000 times reduction in Thermotolerant Coliform bacteria


FilterPod sewage treatment units are cleared for sale in the UK as they have the EN12566-3 2005. This more than satisfies the Environment Agency and Building Control requirements.