FilterPod RDX Media

RDX Filter Media for the FilterPod sewage treatment plant

FilterPod RDX Filter Media

RDX media has been specifically developed to provide the optimum balance of water, air and surface area for bacteria to grow on.

The RDX media can rapidly and effectively absorb large volumes of effluent, as happens at peak flow times.

There is also sufficient air available within the media to promote active colonies of aerobic bacteria. These bacteria digest the pollutants trapped in the RDX matrix.

Why is the FilterpPod so good at treating sewage?

The RDX media provides the best balance of sewage nutrients, surface area and oxygen, to encourage bacterial growth on the media fibres. 

Air is capable of holding over 2000 times more oxygen than can be dissolved in water, so it makes sense to treat the sewage in a 'dry', air-rich environment, rather than as a liquid. 

This is how Nature treats it herself.