FilterPod treatment plant tested in a German winter

If you want a sewage treatment plant to perform well during its EN12566-3 Performance Test, then you do not test Poor performance for sewage treatment plants in winter in Germany it through a Northern German winter!

As the bacteria in a sewage treatment plant work best at 35ºC, a German summer gives much better results and many sewage treatment plant manufacturers take advantage of this fact, choosing to submit their plants for the 38 week test period at the end of March. For Filter type systems, it is even better to choose the summer months, as these plants work by drawing air through them from the outside. The last thing that you need is air being pulled through at -20ºC!

Here at PodTanks, we wanted to see what happened to our sewage treatment plant when the odds were stacked against it - after all, it has to work in all parts of the world and even Northern Scotland is very cold in the winter, so we decided to submit the FilterPod for testing at the end of September instead. It had an entire German winter to cope with and we are delighted at the performance results.

We can honestly say that the FilterPod has been tested to all extremes of cold weather and we can, therefore, stand by its performance results for ALL locations.