Servicing - Maintenance - FilterPod

FilterPod Maintenance and Servicing

As with all sewage treatment plants, the FilterPod requires servicing in order to maintain its performance year after year.

Unlike most electric plants, which need servicing every 6 months, the FilterPod service is performed annually and should ONLY be performed by a trained FilterPod service engineer in order that the warranty is not compromised. This servicing is unlike the service for any other plant.

Never let anyone who is untrained on the FilterPod system undertake any maintenance on your plant. Unless the FilterPod is serviced by qualified FilterPod service engineers, your warranty will be voided. We have seen many extremely idiotic things done to the system by so-called 'service engineers' and 'drain experts' and these are likely to result in having to replace the entire FilterPod media.

The service should also include a sludge test on the settlement tank that will show if the tank needs emptying or not. This test can save you more money than the cost of the service, as many tanks will go longer than the usual annual emptying interval of other sewage plants. Click here for septic tank emptying.

Think logically. No filter is self-cleaning. This is NOT possible, despite claims to the contrary by other manufacturers.

Like other non-electric filter treatment systems, the top layer of filter media bags must be replaced every 12 months. NO top layer filter media can last longer, no matter what the manufacturers tell you!

Periodically, the entire filter media will need to be renewed. Other non-electric plant manufacturers state tis period to be 10 years, but the frequency will depend on how the plant is used.

For FilterPod servicing please call Sapphire Environmental Ltd. Tel. 01759 369582