Effluent Filter - FilterPod

Septic tank effluent filters - Benefits of DrainX™ Filters

Superior, Economical, Easy, Simple!  Bristle Septic Tank Filter                      

These DrainX™ effluent filters push into the vertical part of the outlet pipe in the settlement tank to prevent solids from exiting the tank and clogging the FilterPod stone-fibre filter media.

Excellent Septic Tank Filtration That Is Adaptable & Economical

  • Easy installation just about anywhere.
  • Easy and economical to maintain, even in hard to reach places
  • Excellent filtration for solids, including toilet paper, hair, lint, etc.
  • Bristles self lock into place to prevent filter float up
  • Longer filter life because debris is sorted by size
  • Allows biological maturing necessary in wastewater treatment systems
  • Durable enough to be washed out, economical enough to be disposable
  • For use in residential, commercial and other applications

Septic Tank Filter Maintenance:

  1. Maintenance sleeve for the FilterPod filterDo not use plumbing whilst the effluent filter is removed.
  2. Use the maintenance sleeve (shown opposite) to prevent effluent exiting the settlement tank whilst the filter is absent.
  3. Pull the effluent filter out of the tee.
  4. Hose off filter over the septic tank.
  5. Make sure all solids fall back into septic tank.
  6. Insert filter back into tee/housing.

Never let anyone who is untrained on the FilterPod system undertake any maintenance on your plant. Unless the FilterPod is serviced by qualified FilterPod service engineers, your warranty will be voided. We have seen many extremely stupid things done to the system by so called 'service engineers' and 'drain experts' and these are likely to result in having to replace the entire FilterPod RDX media.