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  1. If your existing septic system is failing, FilterPod septic tank conversion units might be the answer to upgrade your septic system.

    Retrofit Trickling filters are ideal solutions for a failing septic tank system, providing that the existing septic tank is watertight and the correct size and type. Trickling Filters will not follow 'Onion' shaped septic tanks.

    Our FilterPod sewage treatment unit can be used to convert an existing septic tank to a fully certified sewage treatment plant If you have an old brick or concrete septic tank, which is watertight, you may well be able to upgrade it, as these are the most suitable septic tanks for this purpose. There may be no need to change it to a full sewage treatment plant as you may be able to convert it.

    The two types of septic tank conversion units

    • There are “in-tank” units on the market which are fitted into an existing septic tank. These 'in-tank' systems do not have the EN 12566 certificate and are not accepted by the EA. unfer the new General Binding Rules, brought out in 2015. In addition, there is no European Standard for ‘in tank’ conversion units and these “in-tank” options cannot obtain a CE Mark, so are illegal to be sold in the UK.
    • The  “add-on” septic tank conversion units. These tanks are installed after a septic tank, which convert an existing septic tank system to a fully certified sewage treatment plant. that complies with the Environment Agency sewage treatment plant regulations. These “add-on” units must be EN 12566-6 tested and hold the EN12566-6 Certificate. Our FilterPod is the ONLY add-on unit on the British Water Approved List that has this..

    By adding a FilterPod trickling filter after an existing septic tank, the existing septic tank is turned into the primary tank of a sewage treatment plant. The FilterPod is connected to the water outlet of the existing septic tank. The treated water is then clean enough to be discharged directly to surface water such as a stream or a ditch, under the E.A. General Binding Rules.

    The advantages of our FilterPod septic tank conversion

    • Only a small tank to install. 
    • Quick installation: saves time and money
    • Very low footprint, minimising disturbance to your garden
    • All the advantages of our normal FilterPod non-electric sewage treatment plant: cheap commissioning, long desludging intervals, no electricity costs and easy maintenance.
    • Can discharge to streams and ditches, as it is accepted by the Environment Agency for this purpose and is the ONLY 'Add-On' that has the required EN12566-6 Certificate on the British Water Certified Equipment list for this sector.
    • Production of a clear and odorless effluent
    • No blockages possible on the effluent tipping tray distribution system - a problem with rival products

    How does our FilterPod septic tank conversion work?

    The septic tank becomes the “primary settlement tank” for the new 2 stage sewage treatment system. The liquid effluent resulting from the separation of the sewage solids and water flows to the FilterPod treatment unit by gravity. As raw sewage enters the primary tank (old septic tank) from the house, the same amount of liquid is displaced from the former septic tank to the FilterPod, where it is tipped via a tipping tray, on top of the filter media bags.

    The cleaned effluent filters through the bags to the bottom of the FilterPod unit. This is the final effluent which is discharged directly to the ground or to surface water. The use of a small pump enables the new sewage treatment plant to discharge the treated effluent at a higher level than the tank outlet.

    Air is supplied to the system by natural 'chimney' draft. The oxygen delivered enables aerobic micro-organisms to develop and these degrade the pollutants and break down remaining sewage solids and pollutants.

    Installation of FilterPod septic tank conversion units

    Our FilterPod septic tank conversion unit can be purchased directly from us, or can be supplied and installed by a certified and trained installer. Our installers offer a full and comprehensive service from the first site survey to after sales intervention if necessary.

    FilterPod septic tank conversion units are ideal for domestic wastewater treatment. They will allow you to discharge your sewage effluent to a natural watercourse or ditch. The FilterPod septic tank conversion option is ideal when your existing septic tank discharges septic effluent directly to a watercourse.