FilterPod Installation

Trained installer installation

FilterPod sewage treatment plants are the ONLY non-electric filter sewage treatment systems in the UK. Because of this unique quality and the fact that they are polyethylene tanks, not fibreglass and that they use only natural air currents instead of electric motors, pumps or blowers, they need to be installed by a trained FilterPod sewage treatment plant installer or someone who fully understands the tank properties and the venting of the septic tank and FilterPod system. The FilterPod system installation is SITE SPECIFIC and any installation instructions are only guidelines.

Unlike other filter systems,FilterPod tanks can be installed in high water table and high groundwater sites (where the water reaches higher than the bottom of the tank at any time of the year) The tanks have been specifically designed for difficult UK conditions such as found in the Fens and Somerset Levels.

FilterPod™ Trained Installers Can Install Your System.

We recommend that your FilterPod sewage treatment plant is installed by one of our team of Installers who have been trained on the venting of the system.

If you would like any further details on our installers please email or call us on 01759 369915.

Why we insist on Trained Installers

The FilterPod wastewater treatment plant is unlike any sewage treatment equipment available in Europe and the method of installation is SITE SPECIFIC. Because it undertakes the treatment of sewage in a completely different way to aquatic based systems, it is ESSENTIAL that the people who install it fully understand the properties of the tanks, the venting system and how to install it correctly. It is also a Polyethylene tank, NOT a fibreglass one and if you don't know the difference as to how each material behaves when subjected to underground pressures, then DO NOT attempt the installation!

White Rose Installations Ltd. can oversee your DIY installation of the FilterPod itself for £250 plus travelling expenses and overnight accommodation if required.

FilterPod is passionate about achieving a superb standard of final effluent in a totally sustainable way, which cannot be attained unless the plant is installed by properly trained FilterPod installers. We want your system to work.

If you use your own builder or installer who has NOT been trained on the FilterPod site specific installation, or if you decide to install it yourself without the free training, it is your choice, but we will not be held responsible or offer assistance if they run into difficulties during or after installation as some installation errors cannot be rectified later.

We will also not be held responsible for the non-performance of the system if they install it incorrectly.

The FilterPod warranty is voided if the tank and/or venting system is installed or used incorrectly. The FilterPod is designed to treat ordinary domestic sewage only. Do not use antibacterial products as they will kill the bacteria needed for the process.

We don't like the emergency call-outs which result from incompetence and refusal to accept the need for training and you will be charged at the rate of £250/man/day plus travelling at 20p/mile and any overnight accomodation which may result.

If you are going to employ you own installers, make certain that they are experienced and professional BEFORE they start. Ask them these questions:

1.What is the difference in installation method between a fibreglass and a polyethylene tank and WHY?

2.How do they construct an underground chimney that actually draws correctly?

3.What is your Professional Indemnity insurance?

4.What is your Public Liability insurance?

5.Are you CSCS registered?

6.Which Building Regulations cover the installation of sewage treatment plants and drain fields?

7.Which current British Standard should a soakaway drain field be designed to.

If they don't have the answers to the above, then they should not be allowed anywhere near your installation. They should not only know the Building Regulations and British Standards but they should also have their own copy of both in order to install it correctly! Ring us for the answers.

Installation Manuals

Installation Guide for Class 2 Settlement Tanks requiring a concrete surround (these tanks are supplied as standard).

Installation Guide for Class 1 Settlement Tanks requiring a concrete base and granular surround (these tanks are supplied as an
alternative on request).

Above all, DON'T allow the hole to be dug before you have read and fully understood the installation manual and the FilterPod is on-site. Remember this little song?

'Don't dig there,

Dig it elsewhere.

You're digging it round when it ought to be square

Oh the shape is wrong - and it's much too long,

And you can't dig a hole where a hole don't belong!'

and DO insist on a smoke test, using an Anomometer, to prove the chimney draw before the air pipe installation is covered over.

Trained Installers and Distributers

Earthworks - FilterPod installers for Devon and Cornwall

KPH Drainage and Groundworks South East

Spa Pipe Supplies Ltd. Midlands

Boxall Ward Ltd. Mid South East

Keens Drainage Mid Southern

M.D. Stevens and Son West and North Wales

Cleretek Scotland

Kevin Weatherhead Cotswolds

White Rose Installations Ltd. Midlands and North Tel. 01757 289555