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FilterPod non-electric sewage treatment plant for  residential houses
Domestic House Complete Sewage Treatment System

Complete Sewage Treatment Plant System

Sewage treatment plants suitable for domestic houses with up to 9 persons,

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FilterPod added to an Existing Septic Tank

To Convert a Septic Tank to a sewage treatment plant

Can convert an existing septic tank to a full sewage treatment plant  system for up to 9 persons

Above ground septic tank conversion.
The Pumped Outet version which can be installed above ground

The Minimal Excavation Option

Only a small pumping station to install as the FlterPod sewage treatment plant is above ground

Why choose a FilterPod

The only non-electric wastewater treatment system designed in the UK

  • NO electricity bills - saves up to £244/year for a 5 person household (33p/KW)
  • Average annual emptying interval in full use
  • Superb effluent quality - Twice as clean as the UK standard
  • Almost ZERO Carbon Footprint - 3 times lower than a septic tank/reedbed
  • EN 12566-3 and EN-12566-6  2005 Certification (now mandatory in the UK)
  • Can be Solar Powered if you don't want the vent pipe
  • FREE essential training available on the installation and servicing
  • Can convert a traditional septic tank or cesspit into a first class  sewage treatment system
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK, for UK high groundwater site conditions
  • One Piece Construction, Ultra strong tanks - these will not distort, even in very high water table areas
  • Annual service only

FilterPod sewage treatment plants are powered by natural air currents via a 'Chimnet Draw' priciple.
In nature, sewage pollutants are broken down in a non-aquatic environment, on and in the soil, without the use of electricity. This natural sewage treatment process is fuelled by oxygen in the air, which promotes the growth of aerobic bacteria to digest the organic matter. The problem with artifical wastewater treatment is when you  add water into this process and try to digest the organic material under water.

The greatest amount of oxygen that can be dissolved in water is only 14.6mg/litre, whereas air has 299.05mg/litre oxygen - over 20 times more. This is why the most efficient breakdown of natural sewage pollutants takes place on and in the aerobic part of the soil, NOT in water.

FilterPod, understanding the importance of this fact, designed a dry, more natural, terrestrial treatment system; one that is rich in oxygen and therefore highly efficient. All other major brands of sewage treatment plants are liquid-based. The FilterPod sewage plant separates the solids from the water in raw sewage and other household wastes.

Conventional sewage plant systems leave the waste in the water to be broken down by electrically pumping vast quantities of air into the liquid effluent in the tank.

The FilterPod waste water plant filters the pollutants from the water in the dry, oxygen-rich environment of the biofilter, fuelled only by natural air currents

To find out more about how the FiterPod non-electric sewage treatment plant works, click here.

The FilterPod wastewater treatment system can also be added onto a traditional 2 chamber septic tank or cesspit as a septic tank conversion, to covert the septic tank into a fully certified treatment system.

All add-on conversion systems must now have the EN-12566-6 Certificate in order to conform to the Environment Agency General Binding Rules for sewage treatment plants and septic tanks.

The septic tank must be watertight. of the correct size for the property and with the correct inlet, outlet and baffle fittings, but, in many cases, these can be fitted at the time of FilterPod installation. They should be already fitted, as per the regulations, but many are not or have broken over time.

The FilterPod has been tested for as a septic tank conversion unit and has the EN 12566-6 2005 Certificate for it, giving a cleaner effluent than most package wastewater treatment plants.

It is the ideal sustainable sewage solution if the problem is a failed soakaway drainfield, but the septic tank is still in good condition. (It cannot follow an 'onion' shaped septic tank, as the effluent quality is too poor coming out of tanks with this design)

The wastewater treatment process has an almost zero carbon footprint.

To find out how to convert a septic tank to a full sewage treatment plant, click here

The FilterPod sewage treatment plant process uses NO external energy. Other waste water plants need a continuous supply of expensive electricity to drive the compressors, pumps, motors and discs that are needed to continually oxygenate liquid based systems. The FilterPod uses NONE for the sewage treatment process.

The FilterPod treatment system also has no electrical parts to break down or replace. That is why the operating cost of a sustainable FilterPod sewage system is so low.

The FilterPod does require an annual service by a trained service engineer, which could be yourself, as we run training courses here at our base in Yorkshire, for all our systems, including our FilterPod. The maintenance for the FilterPod is very easy and can be done by anyone who has undergone the training.

Unlike all other non-electric sewage treatment plants, the FilterPod was designed here in the UK.

The UK has some of the highest groundwater levels in the World, with many areas that would be underwater, if it were not for the Pumping Stations that keep the land above river and sea levels.

Unlike sewage treatment tanks that are full of water all the time, the non-electric ones have no internal water pressure pushing on the inside walls of the tank all the time. This means that the tank walls need to be so much stronger to withstand the one-way external pressure of the groundwater pushing inwards.

Most other non-electric wastewater treatment systems  were designed in countries which don't have our high UK groundwater issues and we have seen tanks that were totally distorted by this pressure when installed in the UK, particularly in the Fens, the Vale of York and the Somerset Levels.

Our FilterPod tanks are guaranteed to withstand all UK groundwater pressures when installed correctly, as per the installation manual that come with every FilterPod tank.

They also have a 10 year tank warranty, unlike many of the UK market leaders, whose tanks have only 12 months warranty. It is worth checking this out before you buy one.

We also manufacture Eco-Electric  systems for UK groundwater Conditions. They can also withstand very high water tables as they are constructed with the same thickness of high grade polymer. These plants only use 40 watts/hour for a 6 person plant, so are worth considering if you have electricity on a difficult site.

Please visit our main website, Water Technology Engineering Ltd. for details of our other wastewater systems, all designed by ourselves in Yorkshire.